Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to my facebook group!


Name and address of the responsible persons:


As so-called "jointly responsible persons" for the enterprise of this Facebook group are after the current judgment of the EUGH of 5.6.2018 in the sense of the EU data protection basic regulation as well as other data protection regulations the:


Facebook Ireland Ltd. (hereinafter "Facebook")

4 Grand Canal Square

Grand Canal Harbor

Dublin 2





kalbermatter CONSULTING 

Dunja Kalbermatter 
Kurhausstrasse 20 
8032 Zurich



The joint responsibility agreement according to Art. 26 GDPR can be found here


This agreement was made available in this form by Facebook Ireland Ltd. and we, as the end user of the fanpages, accept this by using Facebook. Whether this agreement meets the requirements of Art. 26 GDPR, I can not judge.


Information about my Facebook group.


I run this group to draw attention to my services / products and to get in touch with you as a member and user of this Facebook group as well as my Facebook page and my website.

For more information about me and about my activities, companies, etc., please visit my website at .


As operator of the Facebook group, I have no interest in the collection and further processing of your personal, personal data for analysis or marketing purposes. Additional information on my handling of personal data can be found in my privacy policy on my website at .


The operation of this Facebook group, including the processing of the personal data of the users is based on my legitimate interests in a timely and supportive information and interaction opportunity for and with my users and visitors gem. Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f. DSGVO.

A consent acc. Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. b) DSGVO for the processing of personal data can only be obtained technically by Facebook. Such a consent option does not currently offer Facebook.


Processing of personal data by Facebook


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in its judgment of 5 June 2018 ( ang = DE & mode = req & dir = & occ = first∂ = 1 & cid = 298398) that the operator of a Facebook page together with Facebook is responsible for the processing of personal data. I assume that this view also applies to Facebook groups.


I am aware that Facebook processes the users' data for the following purposes:

▪ Advertising (analysis, creation of personalized advertising)

▪ Creation of user profiles

▪ market research.


Facebook uses cookies for the storage and further processing of this information, ie small text files that are stored on the various terminals of the users. If users have a Facebook profile and are logged in to it, the storage and analysis is also cross-device.

The privacy policy of Facebook contains more information on data processing: possibilities (so-called opt-out) can be set here: here

Facebook Inc., the US parent company of Facebook Ireland Ltd. is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield and is committed to adhering to European privacy policies. Further information on the Privacy Shield status of Facebook can be found here:


The transmission and further processing of personal data of the users in third countries, such as the USA, as well as the associated possible risks for the users can not be excluded by me as the operator of the site.


Statistical data


About the so-called "group insights" statistical data of different categories are available for me. These statistics are generated and provided by Facebook. On the generation and representation I have no influence as the operator of the site. I can not disable this feature or prevent the generation and processing of the data.


For a selectable period, as well as for the categories Fans, Subscribers, Accomplished Persons and Interacting Persons, the following data will be provided by Facebook regarding my Facebook group: Number of Members, Number of New Members, Name and Profile Information of Members, Number of Contributions and other interactions, Popular days and times of interactions, Number of membership requests, Number of active members, Most active contributors, Most popular posts, Distribution of members by gender and age, and by country and location.


Due to the constant development of Facebook, the availability and the preparation of the data changed, so I refer for further details to the above-mentioned privacy statement of Facebook.


I use this data to make my posts and activities in my Facebook group more attractive to users. For example, I use the distributions according to age and gender for an adapted approach and the preferred visit times of the users for a temporally optimized planning of my contributions. Information about the type of devices used by visitors help me to adapt the contributions visually-design.


According to the Facebook Terms of Use, which each user has consented to when creating a Facebook profile, I can identify the members of the group and view their profiles and other shared information from members. I use the information about the most active contributors in the group for their targeted approach to topics covered in the group.


Rights of users


If you have any questions, please contact Facebook directly. You have a right to free information on data stored on Facebook to your person and, if necessary, a right to rectification, restriction of processing or deletion of this data.

You also have the right to data portability. Finally, you also have the right to complain about the processing of your personal information by Facebook to the Data Protection Authority. If questions of information are provided to me as a site operator, I am obliged by the supplementary agreement with Facebook to forward these inquiries - whether by private persons or authorities - to Facebook within 7 days.

This also results from the controller addendum


If you need assistance or have any other questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail at

If you do not want the data processing described here in the future, please leave this group. 


Status of the information: 03.09.2019 

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